Investing in the Future

Zayn Venture Capital (Zayn.VC) is a prominent investment firm that actively supports and funds innovative Pakistani start-ups that are revolutionizing various industries through technology. Our primary focus is on early-stage companies, and while we remain open to opportunities in all sectors, we particularly analyze each company through a FinTech lens.

With a diverse investment portfolio, we have successfully invested in a wide range of sectors in Pakistan, including B2C and B2B E-Commerce, Logistics, and Fintech. Notably, over 50% of our portfolio is dedicated to supporting and nurturing leading Pakistani FinTech companies, recognizing their immense potential for growth and disruption in the financial sector.

Investment Thesis

Our fund thesis centers around the belief that exchange of value protocols will play a pivotal role in disrupting industries and driving technology adoption in the coming decade. We also recognize the transformative potential of the convergence between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, which will have a profound impact on our way of life and society as a whole.

In line with this thesis, our investment focus is directed towards technology platforms and marketplaces that effectively capture offline economic activity, particularly user data. We anticipate that these platforms will eventually serve as the foundation for payments, fintech solutions, and trusted sources of accredited data for artificial intelligence applications.

We are particularly interested in frontier markets like Pakistan, where the predominantly informal economy can experience significant GDP growth through the adoption of technology. Factors such as increasing smartphone penetration, improved access to data, and evolving regulatory frameworks (such as OECD CRS, FATF, and Basel III) further contribute to the favorable investment landscape in these markets.

Unlocking Creativity &

We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with and support startups in Pakistan, equipping them with the resources to reach their potential. We have a keen eye for identifying opportunities that have the power to disrupt industries and create real-world impact.

As experienced local partners, we also help connect global capital and investor interest to high-quality startup investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Welcome to Zayn VC

Zayn Venture Capital (Zayn VC) is a leading (US & Cayman Domiciled) Venture Fund investing in early-stage startups in Pakistan. Zayn VC is considered to be a leading VC Fund in Pakistan.

The Fund was founded by Faisal Aftab in 2021; a Pakistani-American who is a highly influential and respected figure in Pakistan's thriving tech industry, boasting an impressive 23-year career as an executive, entrepreneur, and venture investor. As the Founder and General Partner of Zayn VC (formerly Zayn Capital VC), Faisal has played a pivotal role in driving the sector's growth and development.

With a proven track record of success, Faisal previously served as the Managing Partner and Executive Director of Lakson Venture Capital, where he built the Lakson Fund from scratch and achieved exceptional returns within a mere three years. His investment expertise extends beyond traditional sectors, as he has made significant early investments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Faisal's educational background further enhances his investment acumen, with an MBA from Oxford University and joint Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Michigan State University. This unique combination of academic achievements, coupled with his deep understanding of blockchain technology and global macroeconomics, empowers him to make well-informed investment decisions.

With two decades of experience as an active angel investor and involvement in hedge funds and venture capital funds, Faisal brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being a limited partner of the prestigious Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital Fund, 500 Startups.

Through his continued involvement and strategic investments with Zayn VC, Faisal is poised to further propel Pakistan's tech sector, fostering innovation and attracting both local and international investors. Notable investments made by Faisal include Haball, NayaPay, PostEX, Bookme.pk, Abhi Finance, AdalFi, EduFi, Bazaar-tech, KTrade, SnappRetail, Laam.pk, Krave Mart, GrocerApp, Truck It In, Savyour, Roomy.pk, Bagallery, Trellis Housing Finance, Tazah, Zaraye, and Colabs. With an extensive track record of successful investments and a commitment to making a significant impact on Pakistan's tech industry, Faisal Aftab continues to be a driving force in the field, shaping the future of technology in the country.